Uptown Dogs

For care and attention that’s as individual as your dog.

Welcome to Uptown Dogs of St Johns Wood. Our reputation has been built on taking a uniquely individual approach to your dog. Working with dogs over many years has taught us one thing above all. There is no easy formula for dog care. Some breeds may share basic behaviour patterns, but every single dog has its own personality and characteristics that need to be fully understood before you can build true rapport. Just like a human relationship, it takes time, effort and patience.

World Class Behavioural Training

Our mission is to offer best practice services and training. Our team includes dog behaviourists currently working on a diverse range of international dog projects. These include: training working dogs for advanced detection, wildlife preservation and medical alert applications such as detecting diabetes. You can read more about their projects here.

The benefits of their invaluable experience is shared with the Uptown Dogs Team and ultimately passed to every client and every dog.

Whether it’s behavioural training or simply walking your dog, we begin by taking time to get to know your dog and develop genuine trust. The benefits go beyond the time we spend with your dog. Many of our clients remark how their own relationship with their dog is enhanced after using our services.

It’s this approach that really distinguishes us in the dog care business and that has earned us the professional recommendations of many London veterinary clinics.

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