Uptown Dogs

Uptown Dogs has evolved from a lifelong curiosity in all things canine.

Jamie Palmer

Founder Jamie Palmer has over 20 years’ experience caring for dogs, and has worked with and been mentored by some of the UK’s leading canine trainers and behaviourists.

Our first priority is to understand your dog’s unique personality and behavioural traits to build trust and rapport. Putting your dog at ease is the key to creating a safe and comfortable environment where your dog can truly enjoy the benefits of our services.

Jamie recognises that dog training and behaviour is a constantly evolving discipline. He is committed to seeking out the latest learnings to ensure every client benefits from ‘best in class’ training techniques throughout all of the services uptown dogs offer. To this end he is developing a team of leading international dog trainers and specialists. Every client and every dog we train will benefit from this shared experience.

Ingrid Ramon

Ingrid Ramon

Ingrid has a diverse range of working dog experience that is invaluable to our approach to behavioural training – especially when dealing with unruly dogs, or high energy working breeds. Ingrid began her training in Canine Psychology in the UK before broadening her experience in the US where she developed a passion for specialist Detection Dog Training. This has taken her to many locations including a spell at a Kenyan reserve training dogs for conservation and poacher detection. Her expertise is also being sought in the medical world where she is exploring the use of dogs in detecting diabetes. She is currently writing a degree course in dog training for A Spanish University, and runs seminars all over the world.