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Professional Dog Training Services

We’ve worked with some of the UK’s leading dog trainers, canine behaviourists and our experience has been built up over many years in the business. We are constantly adding to our knowledge and we complement our tried and tested approach, with the very latest positive training methods and behavioural techniques.

Naturally the earlier you start your dog’s training the better but our techniques are equally effective with older dogs.

We develop our dog training programmes in close partnership with the owners in an initial consultation and you will always be closely involved with your dog’s progress.

Dog Training Services

Dog Training Services St Johns Wood

Breed Specific Dog Training

We take an individual approach to every dog’s training but we also take into account their breed’s behavioural characteristics. Many dogs were bred for specific purposes and we can tailor training to suit their inherent characteristics.

Professional Training for Working Dogs

Our dog trainers have experience in creating programmes for professional and sporting dogs. Contact us for more details of our working dog training for security, detection and personal assistance.